Adventures in the Art and Science of Language

 Our Charter is to create an enhanced learning environment for young students.  We strive to foster principle-based learning that young people will find exciting, fun, challenging and fulfilling.


We offer group learning classes to teach basic principles and also classes to complement charter education and home schooling.  We also provide individual tutoring based on individual needs, capabilities and educational goals.


Hunt Learning Services are based on the following principles:

·      Integrity in learning through the fostering of individual gifts, value-based perspectives, and understanding of concepts that leads to strong moral character

·      Creativity through stimulating exercises and assignments

·      Scholarship through a well planned course of study, leading to both individual productivity and preparation for the students' educational futures

·      Classical Education through the use of classical documents, classical literature, and classical art

·      Fun through challenging projects, first hand learning involvement, and individual help and encouragement to avoid boredom, frustration and lack of self confidence